The Mesh Way To Improve Your Wi-Fi

July 11, 2019

Is your wi-fi not quite reaching everywhere in your home or office?

There are many ways to improve and extend your wireless internet – wireless extenders and HomePlugs being two of the most common.

There is, however, a new kid on the block that could be your best answer – a wireless mesh system.

Not That New

Mesh systems have been around for a good while now. They have been used mainly in large buildings, open spaces such as caravan parks or even to offer internet in your city centre.

These systems, however, have now been miniaturised to work in your home or small office building.

What Is A Mesh System?

Simply put, it is two or more wireless boxes that are positioned around a building to pass the internet between each other. This offers a blanket area of wireless that should give a constant internet connection whenever you are within that area.

And What Is The Difference Between That And Other Systems?

It’s the blanket – or mesh – that makes the difference.

With other systems like Wireless repeaters or wireless HomePlugs, it is often difficult for your device to easily connect to the best box available. It will, by nature, try and hang on to whichever box it first connected to no matter where you may move to in the building.

So you go upstairs, and suddenly your Netflix is buffering, or your webpage won’t load. The solution is often to reconnect to the wireless again to get the best reception. Not ideal if you are halfway through a really good film!

Mesh systems, however, allow you to move seamlessly from one area to another. Your phone, tablet, or whatever you are using will pick up the strongest signal available. No need to reconnect –  you can continue to enjoy the internet without interruption as you move around.

You Pay For What You Get

These devices are more expensive than other systems. A wireless extender can cost around £20, and a cheap wireless HomePlug setup can be around £60.

On the other hand, at the time of writing, Google Wi-Fi can cost £259 for three units. BT’s version is around £170, and Tenda’s three boxes are around £90.

I have tested the Tenda MW3 system, and they can cover up to around 300 sq metres very well. So, yes, you pay a little more but the convenience and stability they offer are worth the extra.

Summing Up

Wireless extenders and HomePlugs have their place in extending Wi-Fi and I would always check and offer the best option for your needs.

If you have tried these other systems, however, and they haven’t worked well. Or you have a large area to cover, or you move around a lot with your devices; then a wireless mesh system might be the answer.

If you are interested in this or anything else, just get in touch.